Sunday, August 21, 2011

Diamond of Tranquillity

Dreams, resonate with profound thunder, Imagination fires at the sound of millions and millions creating an enshrinment encompassing memeories, and enchanment, graces over the elated.  the "Diamond of Tranquillity" captivates the palpatating soul.  The elaborate encryption of the most elegant diamond, permeates the will of infinite mortals, excreating 1200 percent and laying there bodies and lives on the line. Carved in a field of illustrious elegance, sorrounded by majestic blades of greenery, offering impeccable serenity in a captivated complexion. The game is predicated and embalmed in tradition, this constititues a timeless masterpiece engraved in immortallity as "America's Greatest Pastime". The Diamond reflects a correleation between family and sports that unifies the immence bond that connects families on an intrinsic  level. The diamond allowacates for an unrellenting amount of heart parlayed in sweat, endurance, cohesion, and a whole plethora of exuding actions, all of these culminate into a single vessel that traverses several seas and has kindled flames of passion in other parts of the globe. The diamond has transcended second hands on an hours glass and has composed a dream invented  into a reality for players, all across the globe, a true World Series is unleashed upon a clamoring audience, "The World Baseball Classic". Well, shoot this into the gun a little later in other blogs.  The "Diamond Of Tranquillity" is a play on words deriving from how Baseball soothes and capitvates my soul.  my intrigue enlighten me when my parents at a fruitful age of 2 noticed my tendacies to with star gazing stares at Baseball on the television. Love kindled almost at inception, it was like baseball was infiltrating my mother wound and there was a television in there. Baeball haseball has been a lifesaver through some pewtrid times and along with my faith of Christianity and Baseball extricated me from commiting suicide a little later on. there was an opportunity on the table for me to play baseball as a delinquite (often young meaning) and  boy was that exhillerating. My exuberance showed and all that emcompaased me was a student of this masterful of fundalmentalists life. through my dad, my hero, Broadcaster Skip Caray, and a plethora of coaches, one of whom i have learned from and have a exhilerating friendship with Mr. Pete Meadows. its an honor and a Gregarious feeling feeling, when i can talk baseball with anyone and Great baseball minds intertwine. There are a bevy of fundalmentals, plays, scanarios, situations and fun . This sport may make englishmen have a hairball, and feel discombabulated, major hairday. The time on the field allowed my knowledge and intution to cultivate and flourish and have a in depth or more cultivated knowledge of the game. the pogression has not yet maximaized as my craving for baseball knowledge rages as my maturation commences and a thousand warriors never quenches in faltering. To be honest; my knowledge is vast and i have noticed in my elder 22 yrs. that the abillity to think on my feet and se mistakes and  has  progress ed my basebal has helped me garner a better understanding and appreciation for how complex our sport is. Under my baseball playing days; we did win a championship, that was centripetal, with everything we had put in the works for the season, heart, blood,sweat, tears, gut wrenching, blows, that helped us grow. Please do not rush to the gun and blow this out of proportion but i honestly cant to alleviate my distain for how the beginning stages of the game is being portrayed, my inclination is why have we started to award all players even in losses, my feeling is it inhibited growth within the sports of baseball as it pretains to growing within the sport. When my little league days were in its prime the ways we learend was to take a hit with the losses learn from our mistakes and worked our kiesters  off to overcome adversity which fortified us as ball players. Now adays; we tenure a loss as if it the key to the yellow streets of gold. How will they Grow without exsperiecing pain in loss? how will they learn to conquer any adversity if we award them for a grea heart in performance, but; its ok hunny you want some sweet tea?  How will they learn if you levitate them towards rewards for horrible performance? my tenure came to an end,  at  thirteen, and my tutaledge as a student was just reaching its prime.  Since those days my knowledge  has vastly grown and culminated into indepth thinking and reasoning in the game. Now 22 yrs, of  being  a fan of the "Diamond of Trranqullity"  ascending to the prescipass of having a voice, "The Diamond of Tranquilly" Through beauty and grace has had an gigantic impact on my life, there  is a ton more that i could eloborate on ,but;  to be concise which,you may realise has never been a strenght of mine. with baseball having a major impact and indluence on The life of a southern gentleman.How much of an impact will baseball have or have already had on your life? What is your favorite"Diamond of Tranquillity" monent. 

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