Sunday, August 28, 2011

Interchangable Trojains

As we mosie on into the Greatest Game on Earth; Let's Bring to light Roster Parlaying.(Roster Moves).  Baeball  has ventured into levitating to a year round phenomenon with the various leagues around the world that; like a pheonix, has punctuated growth,  each league thrives with its own intracacies that allow it to flourish, there is one that has intrigued me throughout  my tenuure of viewing baseball, Major League Baseball, (MLB). The MLB season junps the gun by opening its doors,  dwelling in  the month of Late Feb, Or Early March,  with this Being  said: The various position players, ( expounding on this with the nxt incerpt) Have Divaricating arrival Times, Pitchers and catchers commonly take the Graceland a week or two before the psition players and the skyliners ( hitters) ; let's elorborate; Players during the offseason , meader on diverse wavelenghts; when it comes to offseason traing, most player will Extend a month or two off before kicking up the bricks. these players or to little leaguers (heroes) and fans alike , have divergent regimends of training,  depending on the player and how he or she  feels. some players also, will partake in a winter league that is offered down in the dominican republic and puerto rico called Winterball. Winterball allowsx players to thriive in what we call baseball shape. These two months Feb and March are Basball'S preseason and What we call Spring Training, now lets therow in and conjure up roster moves. during the 6 month  Regular Season, roster position, abate to 25 players,  Take in mind that teams  Have a distinct amount of players they are presumed to carry ( 5 starting picters also known as the rotation  and 9 position players) and the rest of the unfilled posutions are handed  to the team on how they would like to formulate  the rest of  their roster. If You don't mmind lets embark on strategics,. with the aformentioned requirements, you do have some roster spots left availible, please place the General Managers hat on for pleasure as your in the drivers seat, you have distrubuted 14 players opportunities of a lifetime, there are 9 more positions to refill, there are a plethora of ways You as the Gerenral Managers can adequetly procceed,  one ways is to have a strong contingent bench, Meaning that if there were a opportunity to allow a player time off the more rested player off the bench would play the game to help out the club and allow the starter time off , heed this in mind as well , that you would also like a durable bullpen, ( picters to back up the starter,) which can cosist of how ever many picters you would like.  if you have logevity dwelling in your rotation then you may want minute bullpen help, especially; if the rotaion can go 9 innings (complete game) .  now as GM you may want the best players on your club,  and that entails in dept scouting that we will cover in later pposts, in terms of the bench, if you could mustar up a prolific bat and a mutiple position position player, also know  as utillity players,  these players are over the top in value, hightailig it back to the diffferent seaasons, there are two instasnces, where;  you can exspand the rosters to 40 players and those intervals are Spring Training and the last month of the regular season in Sept./Oct.. alot of manager will intertwine with GM and work cohesively ;  some like to entertain the idea of  Allowing the Bench and position players more training time and "Game Experience."  others will entertain the idea of evaluating there farm system (Minor Leagues). Alot of these player make excellent impression, those who make phenomenal impreessions may garner a roster spot out of spring training or furing the post season in Sept. The ladder is not probabale but; has come to frution for players; and dreams have been realised. Throughout the farm system, consisting of AAA, AA,A, Class A, INTernational, all partake in the same layout as the Major Leagues, in spect of roaster moves. Class A is the introductory level to professional baseball, now there is a stipyulation that if a potentail player has participated in college baseball the they can bypass Class A,  AAA equates to the highest rank in farm systems, and is the Closet step to the Majors,  Depending on how players progress through syestems they mnay honestly skip classes,  And shoot to the majors. A player may get called up into the Major from AA, Single A, ect;;,  Now once theslots have dissapated to 25 then you may embark on a roster moves for various circumstances to he;p your team, if a player is injured then you may place him on the 15,60,90,or indefinate DL list (Disable lists) during that time you can call up or purchase a contract from your mionor league system to play  in his place if you like his productiviillty then you may decide to keep him and send the player on the dl to the monor leagues. You can also place a player on the inactive roster list and immobelise him and keep him on your team while you elect to call someone up,  there is also a option of the 40 man roster throughout the year if you desinate one of your minor for the 40-man roster  you can only call them up to your Major league team. now you can still manuever the ones not on the 40-man roster team through your classes in the Minors; You just do not have the option of calling him to the majors until you place him on the 40- man roster, so any man who is apart of the 40 man roster can enter the majors when called if he is not on the 40- man roster then he cannot be called to the Majors.Teams can also trade players. not stringent on claass designation or Major League status. You can trade a major leaguer for three minor league players now there are numerous things to go into to trades but that will be at a later posts, For Starters players can be traded freely without going therought wwaivers from the start of Spring Training shooting to July 31of that season. You Can still trade After the deadline. There is another way to aquiore players after the trade deadline the player is place on the Waiver Wire. Waiver Wire is wwhen the teams place a players on this wire to all 32 Major League teams and all 32 Major League teams have an opprtunity to claim him. if a claim is placed them he is a players for the teeams that put the claim on him. Alll this is confusing and may confumble you but: please feel free to come back and look at this throughout your time whenever you would like.. Thank you guys for reading . hoprfully this helps you understand the fromt office and the rostyer moves that can take place.