Thursday, September 29, 2011

3 of a kind

This weeks topic will discover the ins and out of the triple play. One, the hardest play in baseball the unassited triple play, and the standard triple play, the unassted triple lay is the new sherriff in town in terms of uniquness and difficulty, because its dealing with obtaining two of the three out deriving from a triple play from one individual and only charging two players with duties. The hit is on a line to the third basemen, there is a runner, on third  0 outs. the runner think its will mosie past the out stretch wickets of the third basemen. The runner begins to hightailit home. the third basemen  captures the ball on a impeccable stab, (out,1) and the third basemen notices that he has time to bolt up to his feet and scurry toward third. he graces his foot across third for out number 2. He catches a glimpse towards firsts and realizes the hitter has not made it halfway toward first base,  he tosses a fasetball to first and the first basemen coralls it it for out number three. to it core the unasisted  triple play means, a single players garnering two out on his own and only asking for help from a player on third. This happens so rapidly at game speed that its hard to aquire because there is a prgression. the position of the baserunner and the position of you in correlation to the base and how far you are from the base? The same goes for the runner, back to the bag, once you make and intial stab its then parlayexd into a foot race between you and the runner whether it back to the bag, or to make a tag or to avaoid a tag in the middle of the baseline. Baseline is the imaginary line that is drawn from the center of one bag, drectly to the next bag. Grated the runners do have to stay with the parameter of the baseline, posiblilly help make easy pickings for the fielder, because the runner has to scoot in a straight line. The runner is granted a little leeway sometimes by the umpire to run outside the baseline on rare occasions. Now the runner can stop, juke and jive to avert and mess with the fluitdity and timing of the play, timing is crucial, because game speed is rapid, blink of an eye, things can spring up , that you may miss. Now the conventional triple play is a little less heart pounding, the standard triple play involves three outs in one play, but uses mutiple players to record the outs, the conventional has numerous ways of completeing it. the most seen play is around the diamond- third to second to first thriple play. this takes a few seconds to develope depending on ball speed Galavanting to the first ball handler on the play. and then tanfer time to throwing spots. and recieving time its extremely difficult to obtain a triple play. A triple play is a phenominal feet  and is a rare ocaasion to witness. when undertaking a ctriplle play knowing everyone is one the same page definatly increases you chances of induces a taylor made triple play.           
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twin killing (double dose)

We broke the surface and hit the tip of the iiceberg with double play scarios in our last installment,  the delve depper into this puppy. Double plays encompass situation where an occasion arises that you have the opportunity to garner putible out in one play. A double play has enlisted many aliases over the years in the sport, double play, also recognised as Twin Killings, or to lighten up the mood a wee-tad a Pitcher Best Friend. there are a plethora of situations that a twin killing can be obtain. let venture back in time, remember how we discussed numerical position pretaining to the positions in baseball. Any intertwining of two fielding  position can result in a double play. I.E a 4-6-3 double play, that is involving the second basemen the shortstop and the first basemen the first number is the first fielder to garner the ball. The second number is the second fielder and the third number in final player in a double play to reieve the cowhide (ball). In any instance a double play could walk  on the suspension bridge to destruction. Meaning that a double play could entertain being a break up artist  break up, just send it flowers and chocalate along with fireworks and yall may strive to patch things up. The brake-up could be a hard slide that bucks the the second basemen or the first recieving player off the base or off track. Via, the running on his horse from first to sencond, lack of concetration from the aspect of the fielders. The runner stop to beak up the stream of the play, disrupting the transfer from glove hand to firing hand, horrible and indecisive throws with not any mustard or cheeze on it. A horrible safe or out calls that diverts the player attention to the umpire. The hardest double play to complete in my opionion is the 3-5-3 , that first ifelder is  firing it over to third and then the third baemen shooting it back over to first,  its the hadest because there are an cermountable amount of errors that could appear,  like wind has its own trajectrory path it parlays the ball on rather then the players trajectory path. or hittin a flying object(I.E. Randy Johnson in 1994 hit an oncoming bird with a 99 miles an hour fastball,the bird exploded into a million pieces and it change the pathway from and inside a 17 inch striikezone to a  that picth ending up in the dugout.  Not to mention when completing a 3-5-3 your throwing the ball 180ft. as oppsed  to 90 feet. Also, crowd nosise can be a crucial factor as well. It also depend on how fierce the ball is crush or how soft in relation to how far the first fielder has to traverse to aquire the hit ball. That is also subjected to timing as well. numerous play we will embark on has a juice up to time as a major factor. You can reduce the time by manuevering fielders to shift positions( not the position themselves but the players) to different ranges of the postion, due to the tendancies of the complete the double play please be advised not to look ahead, please concentrate on one step cat a time, like a clean tranfer from the glove to the throwing hand. Please! See you hand into the glove and feel your hand grasp the ball. Concentrate on releasing vyour hand extract you hand from the glove, hawkeye the the next target and fire the ball like a bullet from an ak-47  to the next base or player covering the base. Please be accurate because if there is and errand throw that could possible result in a run that could be preveted. when throwing process commences please follow the ball while in hand and continue hawkeye it after you release to proceed with a impeccable throw.
Double plays also helps the defence tremendously because it shortens the amount of time the defence has to stand on the field, also having and effect of saving there energy; which quite possibly, may help out there offence as well, there stamina will increase also as well.

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