Thursday, September 29, 2011

3 of a kind

This weeks topic will discover the ins and out of the triple play. One, the hardest play in baseball the unassited triple play, and the standard triple play, the unassted triple lay is the new sherriff in town in terms of uniquness and difficulty, because its dealing with obtaining two of the three out deriving from a triple play from one individual and only charging two players with duties. The hit is on a line to the third basemen, there is a runner, on third  0 outs. the runner think its will mosie past the out stretch wickets of the third basemen. The runner begins to hightailit home. the third basemen  captures the ball on a impeccable stab, (out,1) and the third basemen notices that he has time to bolt up to his feet and scurry toward third. he graces his foot across third for out number 2. He catches a glimpse towards firsts and realizes the hitter has not made it halfway toward first base,  he tosses a fasetball to first and the first basemen coralls it it for out number three. to it core the unasisted  triple play means, a single players garnering two out on his own and only asking for help from a player on third. This happens so rapidly at game speed that its hard to aquire because there is a prgression. the position of the baserunner and the position of you in correlation to the base and how far you are from the base? The same goes for the runner, back to the bag, once you make and intial stab its then parlayexd into a foot race between you and the runner whether it back to the bag, or to make a tag or to avaoid a tag in the middle of the baseline. Baseline is the imaginary line that is drawn from the center of one bag, drectly to the next bag. Grated the runners do have to stay with the parameter of the baseline, posiblilly help make easy pickings for the fielder, because the runner has to scoot in a straight line. The runner is granted a little leeway sometimes by the umpire to run outside the baseline on rare occasions. Now the runner can stop, juke and jive to avert and mess with the fluitdity and timing of the play, timing is crucial, because game speed is rapid, blink of an eye, things can spring up , that you may miss. Now the conventional triple play is a little less heart pounding, the standard triple play involves three outs in one play, but uses mutiple players to record the outs, the conventional has numerous ways of completeing it. the most seen play is around the diamond- third to second to first thriple play. this takes a few seconds to develope depending on ball speed Galavanting to the first ball handler on the play. and then tanfer time to throwing spots. and recieving time its extremely difficult to obtain a triple play. A triple play is a phenominal feet  and is a rare ocaasion to witness. when undertaking a ctriplle play knowing everyone is one the same page definatly increases you chances of induces a taylor made triple play.           
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twin killing (double dose)

We broke the surface and hit the tip of the iiceberg with double play scarios in our last installment,  the delve depper into this puppy. Double plays encompass situation where an occasion arises that you have the opportunity to garner putible out in one play. A double play has enlisted many aliases over the years in the sport, double play, also recognised as Twin Killings, or to lighten up the mood a wee-tad a Pitcher Best Friend. there are a plethora of situations that a twin killing can be obtain. let venture back in time, remember how we discussed numerical position pretaining to the positions in baseball. Any intertwining of two fielding  position can result in a double play. I.E a 4-6-3 double play, that is involving the second basemen the shortstop and the first basemen the first number is the first fielder to garner the ball. The second number is the second fielder and the third number in final player in a double play to reieve the cowhide (ball). In any instance a double play could walk  on the suspension bridge to destruction. Meaning that a double play could entertain being a break up artist  break up, just send it flowers and chocalate along with fireworks and yall may strive to patch things up. The brake-up could be a hard slide that bucks the the second basemen or the first recieving player off the base or off track. Via, the running on his horse from first to sencond, lack of concetration from the aspect of the fielders. The runner stop to beak up the stream of the play, disrupting the transfer from glove hand to firing hand, horrible and indecisive throws with not any mustard or cheeze on it. A horrible safe or out calls that diverts the player attention to the umpire. The hardest double play to complete in my opionion is the 3-5-3 , that first ifelder is  firing it over to third and then the third baemen shooting it back over to first,  its the hadest because there are an cermountable amount of errors that could appear,  like wind has its own trajectrory path it parlays the ball on rather then the players trajectory path. or hittin a flying object(I.E. Randy Johnson in 1994 hit an oncoming bird with a 99 miles an hour fastball,the bird exploded into a million pieces and it change the pathway from and inside a 17 inch striikezone to a  that picth ending up in the dugout.  Not to mention when completing a 3-5-3 your throwing the ball 180ft. as oppsed  to 90 feet. Also, crowd nosise can be a crucial factor as well. It also depend on how fierce the ball is crush or how soft in relation to how far the first fielder has to traverse to aquire the hit ball. That is also subjected to timing as well. numerous play we will embark on has a juice up to time as a major factor. You can reduce the time by manuevering fielders to shift positions( not the position themselves but the players) to different ranges of the postion, due to the tendancies of the complete the double play please be advised not to look ahead, please concentrate on one step cat a time, like a clean tranfer from the glove to the throwing hand. Please! See you hand into the glove and feel your hand grasp the ball. Concentrate on releasing vyour hand extract you hand from the glove, hawkeye the the next target and fire the ball like a bullet from an ak-47  to the next base or player covering the base. Please be accurate because if there is and errand throw that could possible result in a run that could be preveted. when throwing process commences please follow the ball while in hand and continue hawkeye it after you release to proceed with a impeccable throw.
Double plays also helps the defence tremendously because it shortens the amount of time the defence has to stand on the field, also having and effect of saving there energy; which quite possibly, may help out there offence as well, there stamina will increase also as well.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

traversing the path of extintion

                   Imagne on a pristine night, elation intertwined with adrenaline as you garner front row seats entertaining sports massive rivarly, Yanks vs Bosox at historic fenway park in Boston Mass. 400 feet in centerfield; before they elevated the dimensions. Joe Damggio crushes a screamer too deep centerfield. tracking the ball, you notice that its just on the yellow line( distingushes a home run or ground rule double)as you view it shooting you way, you would like to garner the baseball, to appease and seize jubilation from your family, in the moment, and the crowd breaks the decimal level or frequency level, hoots and hollars; all the way to the bank the rest of the night. by the same token on the flip side you notice that the ball is entrenched in the field of play and traverse the path of extinction, and gun at the risk of being chaztized for the rest of you life in the city you grew you grew up in and the folks in boston perception of you is engraved as a local hero. or even thrown out of your own city or even death,( ok i know that is a little disparinging but also take into consideration that to some people a game of elequents and happiness is a matter of life and death. That is how serious some people look at sports Passion cosistency is an awsome thing, but this is over exuding and overextending passion to the point where its not passion any longer. intense malice or distain) there have been massecre's at the end of games resulting in  murder. anticipation for the decision is inching a little more closer, as yo notice that the trajectory of the ball is dead even with the ellow line. taking all of this into account, How would approach this,and what would you do? This is the same scanario that calamity emmerced on the scene in 2003,  the game was Marlins vs Cubs in the infamous game that change theh landscape of Chicago sports and something that c\ubs fans wont ever in thier lifetime forget. Eons down the road. bottom half of the seventh inning Luis castillo lifted a tree topper foul over in two shallow left field, near the brick front of the stands in left field. Moises Alou; a veteran, mosied over to the stands and jump to see if he could corall the stab. Ball traversed on the fringe of the stands and still in play while Alou glove traveled in the stands and at that pint its the fan has the right to that ball once its crossed into the stands and a fan who name with be edge in the annuls of Baseball history but as well as Chicago history, Steve Bartman, collided with Alou glove   the ball was too close to tell even on zoom replays whether it was in play or entered the stands. Alou did not not make the catch and became irate, bezerk,  poed, infuriated, any angry discription word you would like to throw in, Alou was. He chastized Batmen and the fans wanted in on the act on an already unforgiving aports city. they berated Bartman,  letting cuss words fly, throwing food, pouring alchohal on him, Punching him, and spitting on him. His tormentation did not stop there as he lost his job, recieved death threats, he had cops watching his house 24/7. He s being worngfully chatized because the perception of hum costing the Cubs a Chance to enter the World Series for the first time since 1916. Granted this was The second stage of the playoff in Game six of the NL Championship series, but that breaking bundance on a accusation he did not commit, it was the cubs play on the field that severed there chances at a World Series. He had to migrate out of state to protect him and his family. 8 years later in 2011 the same situation happen again, just not as imperitive or detrimental. The Phillies were on the road to (south beach) Miami, Florida to go head to head vs the Marlins. Botttom seventh a dart is lasered into deep right field the bsll trajectory is even with the line. This instance the fan reaches over the fence to capture the ball and interferes with the catch. the fan does not have any reprocussion from this at all and it is determined a gound rule double. Delve bakc into the first scenario the Yanks vs. Sox   What would you do would you run the risk of altering your life for the ball and jubilation of your family, and risk death warrents, or chatizing and traverse the path of extinction  or would you make that decision on the trajectory of the ball and be seure that it was hghtailin it for the stands.           

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

diamond of bodies

Exploring the positions of baseball and and thier ranges can be enticing. There are 9 primary staionary positions that  with the rithe diamond encompasses, 1st is the picher's position 2nd is the catcher spot, the first basemen holsters in the third position, the second basemen ganer the 4th position, the shortstop occupies the 6th position, the 5th is spotlighting the third basemen, the 7th is the left field, the 8the is contain by the general in the outfield the center fielder, and the 9th the left fielders holds down the reigns, therecare also two position that the right and left fielder occuy indirectly and are not stationary but the're not considered as part of the prominent nine position, and these are, left-center fiel and right-center field  these two position divaricate in size, adjunsting to the dimensions of the ballpark. Each ballpark has there own unique features that they bring to light.Broadcasters frequently enlighter viewers of the play using numerical position.  The numerical position 1-9 encompass vitality when a Broadcaster describes a scenario or play. I.E a double play may be depicted as 5-1 double play, this is when there are runners on second base and first or the bases are jacked with runners, a grave digger (ground ball) is tasered to third. Where the 5-1 comes in is the third basemen drags his foot on third (5 ) and then fires over o first to garner the second out (1). The same concept thrives within the most common double play ( 2 out in same play) is the 4-6 -3 & 6-4-3. The ball is lazered to second (4) he coralls and flps it over to the shortstop for out number numero uno (6). Shortstop parlays the ball to first (3). If the ball was crushed to the short stop simular situation, The number would switch out (6) to the shortstop, where the ball is hit, the toss to second (4) and the laser over to first (3). If a batte nails a tree topper to right field, what would the recrded out be? the batter lifts a flyout to right field. The out would be recorded as F9 Flyout to position nine= Right fielder. The psotions are drenched n concrete, but that does not mean that the player is not allowed to switch positions. Players frequently switch positions, the left fielder may migrate to right field to allow a brand spankin new left fielder into the game which aso has an effect on the right fielder, the original right fielder is removed from the game to make way for the transitioning player, this can happen at any time depending on the situation and matchup, of pitcher going toe to toe with a certain hitter, also take into account both parties tendencies. I.E. Redsox Designated Hitter David Ortiz loves to pull the ball his strenght is immence to where he hts rockets on the ground. the manager might take out the original second basemen and put in speedy Gonzalez over at second. he also has an option of an shift. shift is were you move position to there max range. This case the second basemen is on the fringe of the grass as far to his right as he can mosie Also called shallow right field.  the shortstop would manuver behind the second base bag. the depth of the shift depends on the range of the fielders. you caould have the shortstop playing second base and the third basemen playing  short or sometimes in an extreme shift second. please understand and let me reiterate that it is not the position being manipulated the position is stationary, rather it is the players being manipulated and the manager or they will postion themselves based of o the batteres tendancies. you can have numerous shifts  using different position. there are outfield shift, infield shifts, infield and outfield, shifts intertwining,and there are numerous shifts for each. You can have unever shifts, Where one player is lower and one is higher than the other on the diamond. this can appen with a single player or numerous players. the fielding positions are only stationary according to the field, now when a team is up to take its hacks you have have the left fielder, batting 4th one night and then batting 8th the next. its changing orderss or lineups  not the position, and the batting order 1--9 doesn't involve a strict order to it. Manager mix and match, interchange the batting order all the bloomin time.  Although managing may be a picnic or fun or a walk in the park, not one dern person said it was easy. it may take some getting used to but hopefully see how numerial positions are used and the different aspects they can provide and unpreditable they can be in ,real, live games hopefully the terminolgy and plays you will be able to decypher clearrly.

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Shadow Guardian

a Resonating Break from tradition of the diamond of tranquillity  to elaborate on an gargantuan opportunity,  ya know the old biblical text of David vs.Goliath and how a small town boy defeated one of the  most fierce warriors in the history f the world. In this sense it unveiled as David entertaining Goliath. Boondocks Country entertaining a massive Goliath, in the form of News Channel 6 deriving in Augusta, Georgia. This broncoe did buck, but a combination of smoothness and Rigidness,and a persevering internest colliding with an unsatiable thirst for unquenching knowledge, help this Buckylotus, entertain one hell of a ride. even though the nickel was scarce, i exuded 1200% percent into to this, i had the opportunity to delve in  cohones to the wall(all out ) for this life altering experience, in my birthday suit:,( there was a mention about driving the pedal to the metal). Providing humor enhances the scene and helps with providing full pictures. Decked out in dressy garmets, buttoned up callored shirt caki shorts, there were heart attacks all over the campus that mornin because, not a dern person could believe that a country boy, ususally wearing t-shirts and gym shorts 24-7 woud dress like a kingsman. mosie on over to the news station, my emotions and my sysmpathetic system were running rampid, Estatic only nic's the beginning of cloud nine on this day. We caught up with Mrs. Mongomery at the News station( Downtown Augusta) and by tis time i was soarin internally, my body was like an eratic basketball and pinball lighting up on all sides and shooting off to the next destination, this was a dreamscape reality that came to fruition,  Another student traversed with me student in my communication 210: Intro to Mass  Comunication Marcea  Martin. one of the frist thngs we both partook in was a Q and A session. delightful, engaging, encouraging, and a plethora of more decrption words can be shot in there. the only thing with that was; and to scout this out well have to galavant back in time into my high school Anchoring period. there was a tendancy on my part to levi questions on the interviewie that did confumble them (confuse and stump them ), the confusion aspect happened rarely but if i could illicit and I don't know or i don't have an answer for you right now it would show my intellegence and we would be cooking with Criscoe. thank Goodness that tendancy did not rear its ugly head here, exept on the first question i threw to Mrs. Montgomery. The television rating system garners ratings based on per household and how many folks per household watch a particular show, and that's based; on any  tv show, movie or staion out there   The question entailed the following: how does the ratings system for television per household for for peaople watching the television at a buissnes? would that count as a Household? Or numerous people   (ratings per person watching) watching the program on in an individual basis, in this case the ratings would skyrocket. After numerous questions and equivilant to 30 min in Q&A Mrs.Mongomery then divided us up into two, and sent Marcea into the video editing room, while she was learning about that Mrs. Montgomery   graciously allowed me to shadow an editor of the show for about and hour. My mouth was watering in amazement. the knowledge I obtained from this was astronimical, and this is crucial to my Future career as a anchor and any other carrer in communications. My Goal  is to help people and i would love to prtake in all facets of television and or radio, Anchoring, Video Editing, Video Production, Directing, Editing, Sound Production and the whole nine yards as my feeling is the more you can help people and make in an impact is to be as well rounded as you possibly can. had the privledge to learn about the different blocks and how the blocks are pertinet to the show. the show surges from block to block and transition into the next. Now you may not see these blocks on the visual aid for broadcasters the teleprompter because when the blocks transition into the next block it has already been set up in the telepromter by blocks and that  displays is black  and white and the words to help the anchors if theylose progresssion or lose thier place. they also served up some tech terms suh as VO (voice over) the anchor reads as the video is played. SOT (sound byte) (this is when there is live video shooting and the live anchor in studio is parlaying the message over the video). Pkge ( is a correspondant reported reports on a intruiging story that entails a soundbyte Following his first couple of sentences. On Set Appearance happens where the anchor introduces another reporter or anchor for a short period of time segways to thier story. Live shot/Live report where there is an anchor on sight what we call remotes to divulge a story a the feed is live from that location. i honestly felt like a kid in a chocalate factory with the stipulation of free chocalate for life. this was a phenominal experience .Mrs ontgomery was very guinine and kind, /and i cannot honestly, Thannk her enough for allowing us to be her shadow guardians, for the day. We have been invited back to thier new lovcation starting in November on Augusta West Parkway. This has rest for fire sure that i would love to do this for the rest f my life The Good Lord Willing      

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Interchangable Trojains

As we mosie on into the Greatest Game on Earth; Let's Bring to light Roster Parlaying.(Roster Moves).  Baeball  has ventured into levitating to a year round phenomenon with the various leagues around the world that; like a pheonix, has punctuated growth,  each league thrives with its own intracacies that allow it to flourish, there is one that has intrigued me throughout  my tenuure of viewing baseball, Major League Baseball, (MLB). The MLB season junps the gun by opening its doors,  dwelling in  the month of Late Feb, Or Early March,  with this Being  said: The various position players, ( expounding on this with the nxt incerpt) Have Divaricating arrival Times, Pitchers and catchers commonly take the Graceland a week or two before the psition players and the skyliners ( hitters) ; let's elorborate; Players during the offseason , meader on diverse wavelenghts; when it comes to offseason traing, most player will Extend a month or two off before kicking up the bricks. these players or to little leaguers (heroes) and fans alike , have divergent regimends of training,  depending on the player and how he or she  feels. some players also, will partake in a winter league that is offered down in the dominican republic and puerto rico called Winterball. Winterball allowsx players to thriive in what we call baseball shape. These two months Feb and March are Basball'S preseason and What we call Spring Training, now lets therow in and conjure up roster moves. during the 6 month  Regular Season, roster position, abate to 25 players,  Take in mind that teams  Have a distinct amount of players they are presumed to carry ( 5 starting picters also known as the rotation  and 9 position players) and the rest of the unfilled posutions are handed  to the team on how they would like to formulate  the rest of  their roster. If You don't mmind lets embark on strategics,. with the aformentioned requirements, you do have some roster spots left availible, please place the General Managers hat on for pleasure as your in the drivers seat, you have distrubuted 14 players opportunities of a lifetime, there are 9 more positions to refill, there are a plethora of ways You as the Gerenral Managers can adequetly procceed,  one ways is to have a strong contingent bench, Meaning that if there were a opportunity to allow a player time off the more rested player off the bench would play the game to help out the club and allow the starter time off , heed this in mind as well , that you would also like a durable bullpen, ( picters to back up the starter,) which can cosist of how ever many picters you would like.  if you have logevity dwelling in your rotation then you may want minute bullpen help, especially; if the rotaion can go 9 innings (complete game) .  now as GM you may want the best players on your club,  and that entails in dept scouting that we will cover in later pposts, in terms of the bench, if you could mustar up a prolific bat and a mutiple position position player, also know  as utillity players,  these players are over the top in value, hightailig it back to the diffferent seaasons, there are two instasnces, where;  you can exspand the rosters to 40 players and those intervals are Spring Training and the last month of the regular season in Sept./Oct.. alot of manager will intertwine with GM and work cohesively ;  some like to entertain the idea of  Allowing the Bench and position players more training time and "Game Experience."  others will entertain the idea of evaluating there farm system (Minor Leagues). Alot of these player make excellent impression, those who make phenomenal impreessions may garner a roster spot out of spring training or furing the post season in Sept. The ladder is not probabale but; has come to frution for players; and dreams have been realised. Throughout the farm system, consisting of AAA, AA,A, Class A, INTernational, all partake in the same layout as the Major Leagues, in spect of roaster moves. Class A is the introductory level to professional baseball, now there is a stipyulation that if a potentail player has participated in college baseball the they can bypass Class A,  AAA equates to the highest rank in farm systems, and is the Closet step to the Majors,  Depending on how players progress through syestems they mnay honestly skip classes,  And shoot to the majors. A player may get called up into the Major from AA, Single A, ect;;,  Now once theslots have dissapated to 25 then you may embark on a roster moves for various circumstances to he;p your team, if a player is injured then you may place him on the 15,60,90,or indefinate DL list (Disable lists) during that time you can call up or purchase a contract from your mionor league system to play  in his place if you like his productiviillty then you may decide to keep him and send the player on the dl to the monor leagues. You can also place a player on the inactive roster list and immobelise him and keep him on your team while you elect to call someone up,  there is also a option of the 40 man roster throughout the year if you desinate one of your minor for the 40-man roster  you can only call them up to your Major league team. now you can still manuever the ones not on the 40-man roster team through your classes in the Minors; You just do not have the option of calling him to the majors until you place him on the 40- man roster, so any man who is apart of the 40 man roster can enter the majors when called if he is not on the 40- man roster then he cannot be called to the Majors.Teams can also trade players. not stringent on claass designation or Major League status. You can trade a major leaguer for three minor league players now there are numerous things to go into to trades but that will be at a later posts, For Starters players can be traded freely without going therought wwaivers from the start of Spring Training shooting to July 31of that season. You Can still trade After the deadline. There is another way to aquiore players after the trade deadline the player is place on the Waiver Wire. Waiver Wire is wwhen the teams place a players on this wire to all 32 Major League teams and all 32 Major League teams have an opprtunity to claim him. if a claim is placed them he is a players for the teeams that put the claim on him. Alll this is confusing and may confumble you but: please feel free to come back and look at this throughout your time whenever you would like.. Thank you guys for reading . hoprfully this helps you understand the fromt office and the rostyer moves that can take place.    

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Diamond of Tranquillity

Dreams, resonate with profound thunder, Imagination fires at the sound of millions and millions creating an enshrinment encompassing memeories, and enchanment, graces over the elated.  the "Diamond of Tranquillity" captivates the palpatating soul.  The elaborate encryption of the most elegant diamond, permeates the will of infinite mortals, excreating 1200 percent and laying there bodies and lives on the line. Carved in a field of illustrious elegance, sorrounded by majestic blades of greenery, offering impeccable serenity in a captivated complexion. The game is predicated and embalmed in tradition, this constititues a timeless masterpiece engraved in immortallity as "America's Greatest Pastime". The Diamond reflects a correleation between family and sports that unifies the immence bond that connects families on an intrinsic  level. The diamond allowacates for an unrellenting amount of heart parlayed in sweat, endurance, cohesion, and a whole plethora of exuding actions, all of these culminate into a single vessel that traverses several seas and has kindled flames of passion in other parts of the globe. The diamond has transcended second hands on an hours glass and has composed a dream invented  into a reality for players, all across the globe, a true World Series is unleashed upon a clamoring audience, "The World Baseball Classic". Well, shoot this into the gun a little later in other blogs.  The "Diamond Of Tranquillity" is a play on words deriving from how Baseball soothes and capitvates my soul.  my intrigue enlighten me when my parents at a fruitful age of 2 noticed my tendacies to with star gazing stares at Baseball on the television. Love kindled almost at inception, it was like baseball was infiltrating my mother wound and there was a television in there. Baeball haseball has been a lifesaver through some pewtrid times and along with my faith of Christianity and Baseball extricated me from commiting suicide a little later on. there was an opportunity on the table for me to play baseball as a delinquite (often young meaning) and  boy was that exhillerating. My exuberance showed and all that emcompaased me was a student of this masterful of fundalmentalists life. through my dad, my hero, Broadcaster Skip Caray, and a plethora of coaches, one of whom i have learned from and have a exhilerating friendship with Mr. Pete Meadows. its an honor and a Gregarious feeling feeling, when i can talk baseball with anyone and Great baseball minds intertwine. There are a bevy of fundalmentals, plays, scanarios, situations and fun . This sport may make englishmen have a hairball, and feel discombabulated, major hairday. The time on the field allowed my knowledge and intution to cultivate and flourish and have a in depth or more cultivated knowledge of the game. the pogression has not yet maximaized as my craving for baseball knowledge rages as my maturation commences and a thousand warriors never quenches in faltering. To be honest; my knowledge is vast and i have noticed in my elder 22 yrs. that the abillity to think on my feet and se mistakes and  has  progress ed my basebal has helped me garner a better understanding and appreciation for how complex our sport is. Under my baseball playing days; we did win a championship, that was centripetal, with everything we had put in the works for the season, heart, blood,sweat, tears, gut wrenching, blows, that helped us grow. Please do not rush to the gun and blow this out of proportion but i honestly cant to alleviate my distain for how the beginning stages of the game is being portrayed, my inclination is why have we started to award all players even in losses, my feeling is it inhibited growth within the sports of baseball as it pretains to growing within the sport. When my little league days were in its prime the ways we learend was to take a hit with the losses learn from our mistakes and worked our kiesters  off to overcome adversity which fortified us as ball players. Now adays; we tenure a loss as if it the key to the yellow streets of gold. How will they Grow without exsperiecing pain in loss? how will they learn to conquer any adversity if we award them for a grea heart in performance, but; its ok hunny you want some sweet tea?  How will they learn if you levitate them towards rewards for horrible performance? my tenure came to an end,  at  thirteen, and my tutaledge as a student was just reaching its prime.  Since those days my knowledge  has vastly grown and culminated into indepth thinking and reasoning in the game. Now 22 yrs, of  being  a fan of the "Diamond of Trranqullity"  ascending to the prescipass of having a voice, "The Diamond of Tranquilly" Through beauty and grace has had an gigantic impact on my life, there  is a ton more that i could eloborate on ,but;  to be concise which,you may realise has never been a strenght of mine. with baseball having a major impact and indluence on The life of a southern gentleman.How much of an impact will baseball have or have already had on your life? What is your favorite"Diamond of Tranquillity" monent. 

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