Wednesday, September 28, 2011

traversing the path of extintion

                   Imagne on a pristine night, elation intertwined with adrenaline as you garner front row seats entertaining sports massive rivarly, Yanks vs Bosox at historic fenway park in Boston Mass. 400 feet in centerfield; before they elevated the dimensions. Joe Damggio crushes a screamer too deep centerfield. tracking the ball, you notice that its just on the yellow line( distingushes a home run or ground rule double)as you view it shooting you way, you would like to garner the baseball, to appease and seize jubilation from your family, in the moment, and the crowd breaks the decimal level or frequency level, hoots and hollars; all the way to the bank the rest of the night. by the same token on the flip side you notice that the ball is entrenched in the field of play and traverse the path of extinction, and gun at the risk of being chaztized for the rest of you life in the city you grew you grew up in and the folks in boston perception of you is engraved as a local hero. or even thrown out of your own city or even death,( ok i know that is a little disparinging but also take into consideration that to some people a game of elequents and happiness is a matter of life and death. That is how serious some people look at sports Passion cosistency is an awsome thing, but this is over exuding and overextending passion to the point where its not passion any longer. intense malice or distain) there have been massecre's at the end of games resulting in  murder. anticipation for the decision is inching a little more closer, as yo notice that the trajectory of the ball is dead even with the ellow line. taking all of this into account, How would approach this,and what would you do? This is the same scanario that calamity emmerced on the scene in 2003,  the game was Marlins vs Cubs in the infamous game that change theh landscape of Chicago sports and something that c\ubs fans wont ever in thier lifetime forget. Eons down the road. bottom half of the seventh inning Luis castillo lifted a tree topper foul over in two shallow left field, near the brick front of the stands in left field. Moises Alou; a veteran, mosied over to the stands and jump to see if he could corall the stab. Ball traversed on the fringe of the stands and still in play while Alou glove traveled in the stands and at that pint its the fan has the right to that ball once its crossed into the stands and a fan who name with be edge in the annuls of Baseball history but as well as Chicago history, Steve Bartman, collided with Alou glove   the ball was too close to tell even on zoom replays whether it was in play or entered the stands. Alou did not not make the catch and became irate, bezerk,  poed, infuriated, any angry discription word you would like to throw in, Alou was. He chastized Batmen and the fans wanted in on the act on an already unforgiving aports city. they berated Bartman,  letting cuss words fly, throwing food, pouring alchohal on him, Punching him, and spitting on him. His tormentation did not stop there as he lost his job, recieved death threats, he had cops watching his house 24/7. He s being worngfully chatized because the perception of hum costing the Cubs a Chance to enter the World Series for the first time since 1916. Granted this was The second stage of the playoff in Game six of the NL Championship series, but that breaking bundance on a accusation he did not commit, it was the cubs play on the field that severed there chances at a World Series. He had to migrate out of state to protect him and his family. 8 years later in 2011 the same situation happen again, just not as imperitive or detrimental. The Phillies were on the road to (south beach) Miami, Florida to go head to head vs the Marlins. Botttom seventh a dart is lasered into deep right field the bsll trajectory is even with the line. This instance the fan reaches over the fence to capture the ball and interferes with the catch. the fan does not have any reprocussion from this at all and it is determined a gound rule double. Delve bakc into the first scenario the Yanks vs. Sox   What would you do would you run the risk of altering your life for the ball and jubilation of your family, and risk death warrents, or chatizing and traverse the path of extinction  or would you make that decision on the trajectory of the ball and be seure that it was hghtailin it for the stands.