Tuesday, September 27, 2011

diamond of bodies

Exploring the positions of baseball and and thier ranges can be enticing. There are 9 primary staionary positions that  with the rithe diamond encompasses, 1st is the picher's position 2nd is the catcher spot, the first basemen holsters in the third position, the second basemen ganer the 4th position, the shortstop occupies the 6th position, the 5th is spotlighting the third basemen, the 7th is the left field, the 8the is contain by the general in the outfield the center fielder, and the 9th the left fielders holds down the reigns, therecare also two position that the right and left fielder occuy indirectly and are not stationary but the're not considered as part of the prominent nine position, and these are, left-center fiel and right-center field  these two position divaricate in size, adjunsting to the dimensions of the ballpark. Each ballpark has there own unique features that they bring to light.Broadcasters frequently enlighter viewers of the play using numerical position.  The numerical position 1-9 encompass vitality when a Broadcaster describes a scenario or play. I.E a double play may be depicted as 5-1 double play, this is when there are runners on second base and first or the bases are jacked with runners, a grave digger (ground ball) is tasered to third. Where the 5-1 comes in is the third basemen drags his foot on third (5 ) and then fires over o first to garner the second out (1). The same concept thrives within the most common double play ( 2 out in same play) is the 4-6 -3 & 6-4-3. The ball is lazered to second (4) he coralls and flps it over to the shortstop for out number numero uno (6). Shortstop parlays the ball to first (3). If the ball was crushed to the short stop simular situation, The number would switch out (6) to the shortstop, where the ball is hit, the toss to second (4) and the laser over to first (3). If a batte nails a tree topper to right field, what would the recrded out be? the batter lifts a flyout to right field. The out would be recorded as F9 Flyout to position nine= Right fielder. The psotions are drenched n concrete, but that does not mean that the player is not allowed to switch positions. Players frequently switch positions, the left fielder may migrate to right field to allow a brand spankin new left fielder into the game which aso has an effect on the right fielder, the original right fielder is removed from the game to make way for the transitioning player, this can happen at any time depending on the situation and matchup, of pitcher going toe to toe with a certain hitter, also take into account both parties tendencies. I.E. Redsox Designated Hitter David Ortiz loves to pull the ball his strenght is immence to where he hts rockets on the ground. the manager might take out the original second basemen and put in speedy Gonzalez over at second. he also has an option of an shift. shift is were you move position to there max range. This case the second basemen is on the fringe of the grass as far to his right as he can mosie Also called shallow right field.  the shortstop would manuver behind the second base bag. the depth of the shift depends on the range of the fielders. you caould have the shortstop playing second base and the third basemen playing  short or sometimes in an extreme shift second. please understand and let me reiterate that it is not the position being manipulated the position is stationary, rather it is the players being manipulated and the manager or they will postion themselves based of o the batteres tendancies. you can have numerous shifts  using different position. there are outfield shift, infield shifts, infield and outfield, shifts intertwining,and there are numerous shifts for each. You can have unever shifts, Where one player is lower and one is higher than the other on the diamond. this can appen with a single player or numerous players. the fielding positions are only stationary according to the field, now when a team is up to take its hacks you have have the left fielder, batting 4th one night and then batting 8th the next. its changing orderss or lineups  not the position, and the batting order 1--9 doesn't involve a strict order to it. Manager mix and match, interchange the batting order all the bloomin time.  Although managing may be a picnic or fun or a walk in the park, not one dern person said it was easy. it may take some getting used to but hopefully see how numerial positions are used and the different aspects they can provide and unpreditable they can be in ,real, live games hopefully the terminolgy and plays you will be able to decypher clearrly.

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