Monday, September 26, 2011

Shadow Guardian

a Resonating Break from tradition of the diamond of tranquillity  to elaborate on an gargantuan opportunity,  ya know the old biblical text of David vs.Goliath and how a small town boy defeated one of the  most fierce warriors in the history f the world. In this sense it unveiled as David entertaining Goliath. Boondocks Country entertaining a massive Goliath, in the form of News Channel 6 deriving in Augusta, Georgia. This broncoe did buck, but a combination of smoothness and Rigidness,and a persevering internest colliding with an unsatiable thirst for unquenching knowledge, help this Buckylotus, entertain one hell of a ride. even though the nickel was scarce, i exuded 1200% percent into to this, i had the opportunity to delve in  cohones to the wall(all out ) for this life altering experience, in my birthday suit:,( there was a mention about driving the pedal to the metal). Providing humor enhances the scene and helps with providing full pictures. Decked out in dressy garmets, buttoned up callored shirt caki shorts, there were heart attacks all over the campus that mornin because, not a dern person could believe that a country boy, ususally wearing t-shirts and gym shorts 24-7 woud dress like a kingsman. mosie on over to the news station, my emotions and my sysmpathetic system were running rampid, Estatic only nic's the beginning of cloud nine on this day. We caught up with Mrs. Mongomery at the News station( Downtown Augusta) and by tis time i was soarin internally, my body was like an eratic basketball and pinball lighting up on all sides and shooting off to the next destination, this was a dreamscape reality that came to fruition,  Another student traversed with me student in my communication 210: Intro to Mass  Comunication Marcea  Martin. one of the frist thngs we both partook in was a Q and A session. delightful, engaging, encouraging, and a plethora of more decrption words can be shot in there. the only thing with that was; and to scout this out well have to galavant back in time into my high school Anchoring period. there was a tendancy on my part to levi questions on the interviewie that did confumble them (confuse and stump them ), the confusion aspect happened rarely but if i could illicit and I don't know or i don't have an answer for you right now it would show my intellegence and we would be cooking with Criscoe. thank Goodness that tendancy did not rear its ugly head here, exept on the first question i threw to Mrs. Montgomery. The television rating system garners ratings based on per household and how many folks per household watch a particular show, and that's based; on any  tv show, movie or staion out there   The question entailed the following: how does the ratings system for television per household for for peaople watching the television at a buissnes? would that count as a Household? Or numerous people   (ratings per person watching) watching the program on in an individual basis, in this case the ratings would skyrocket. After numerous questions and equivilant to 30 min in Q&A Mrs.Mongomery then divided us up into two, and sent Marcea into the video editing room, while she was learning about that Mrs. Montgomery   graciously allowed me to shadow an editor of the show for about and hour. My mouth was watering in amazement. the knowledge I obtained from this was astronimical, and this is crucial to my Future career as a anchor and any other carrer in communications. My Goal  is to help people and i would love to prtake in all facets of television and or radio, Anchoring, Video Editing, Video Production, Directing, Editing, Sound Production and the whole nine yards as my feeling is the more you can help people and make in an impact is to be as well rounded as you possibly can. had the privledge to learn about the different blocks and how the blocks are pertinet to the show. the show surges from block to block and transition into the next. Now you may not see these blocks on the visual aid for broadcasters the teleprompter because when the blocks transition into the next block it has already been set up in the telepromter by blocks and that  displays is black  and white and the words to help the anchors if theylose progresssion or lose thier place. they also served up some tech terms suh as VO (voice over) the anchor reads as the video is played. SOT (sound byte) (this is when there is live video shooting and the live anchor in studio is parlaying the message over the video). Pkge ( is a correspondant reported reports on a intruiging story that entails a soundbyte Following his first couple of sentences. On Set Appearance happens where the anchor introduces another reporter or anchor for a short period of time segways to thier story. Live shot/Live report where there is an anchor on sight what we call remotes to divulge a story a the feed is live from that location. i honestly felt like a kid in a chocalate factory with the stipulation of free chocalate for life. this was a phenominal experience .Mrs ontgomery was very guinine and kind, /and i cannot honestly, Thannk her enough for allowing us to be her shadow guardians, for the day. We have been invited back to thier new lovcation starting in November on Augusta West Parkway. This has rest for fire sure that i would love to do this for the rest f my life The Good Lord Willing      

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